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Dark Sun for NWN


To the World of Athas for NWN. There are . . .

  • Two different teams
  • Two different servers

Who are working together to create Dark Sun for NWN.

You will find links to both teams/servers below.

You can also follow us at Twitter/DarkSunforNWN

Enter NWN Dark Sun

Enter Sands of Time

NWN Dark Sun – Which will be a bit more like other MMORPGs of today.

3.5e version Dark Sun using the official 3.5e ruleset & expanded campaign setting from

  • Areas to explore
  • Dungeons
  • Named Mobs
  • Random and Rare loot
  • Epic items and classes

Here is a link to NWN Dark Sun GitHub Page

Dark Sun SoT (Sands of Time) –  Is adding as many elements as possible to try and make NWN as close to PnP (Pencil and Paper) D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) without being turn based. That said it will be more of a grind, because it will be based on what it’s like to live on Athas and what all you would need to do just to stay alive..

This is not 3e Dark Sun

It is based on the Original AD&D 2nd Edition Boxset by Troy Denning, Timothy Brown, and Gerald Brom

We are focusing on

  • Role Playing
  • NPC’s
  • Stories/Adventures
  • Creatures
  • What it’s like to live on the World of Athas as each race and class.

Yes we will have the following as well but they are not what we are focused on.

  • Lots of areas to explore
  • Hidden places to find
  • Random rare loot
  • Random and rare named/boss/creatures
  • Magical items
  • Advanced levels

Dark Sun for NWN

We are creating all new content needed to change NWN (Forgotten Realms) into Dark Sun (Athas).

Buy Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

Buy the Dark Sun Campaign Setting


Each server has their own team and may need and/or want help in one area or another. There for take the time to check out each server to find one that you would like help with.


You can join the over all project of creating Dark Sun for NWN.

The over all project is always recruiting

The four main areas that we can always use more help in are.

  • 3d Modeling
  • Scripting
  • Writing
  • Art

But these aren’t the only areas, so if you think you would enjoy helping with this project then come Join the Team